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A word from Florida State University’s Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Nancy Marcus, on issues of higher education.

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The Geography of International Students

International students continue to be attracted to the US to pursue higher education.  A recent report from the Brookings Institution by Neil Ruiz provides an excellent overview of the geographic trends in enrollment and subsequent job placement of such students.

The Advantage of a Graduate Degree

The Sunday August 3, 2014 NY Times special section, Education Life   included a number of excellent articles pertaining to graduate and professional education.  Click on the title above for more information.

The Research University

I encourage you to read the article by Nicolas Lemann "The Soul of The Research University" in the May 2, 2014 issue of the The Chronicle Review. Click on the title to read more.

More discussion of loans, debt, and the value of degrees

Yet another article in the Chronicle about student debt and the pursuing a graduate degree. Click here to read the article - a website to help students make informed financial decisions is a new website designed to help students make informed financial decisions about their education and careers.  It was launched by the Council of Graduate Schools and TIAA-CREF.

Social Scientists at Intel Labs

Good article in the NY Times about the role of social scientists at Intel Labs and other technology companies.  Click on the blog title to learn more.

The Cost of a PhD and Student Loan Debt

The debt burden of students as a result of pursuing a graduate degree is a major concern.  Click on the blog title for more info. 

Interdisicplinary work

Interesting article in Inside Higher today.

Scott Jaschik highlights a study done by two researchers from Cornell which suggests there is a negative financial impact (lower salary) for graduates who characterized their doctoral work as interdisciplinary.  The researchers analyzed data for 2010 doctoral recipients from the annual Survey of Earned Doctorate report.

Dancer invents a wheelcair

Great story in the Tallahassee Democrat today on Ms. Merry Lynn Morris, former University Fellow and FSU MFA graduate in 1998.

Setting expectations for graduate students

There is an interesting article in today's edition of Inside Higher Education about providing guidance to graduate students.  Click the title to read more.

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