FSU researchers gearing up for ASIS&T

By Bob Branciforte

A large group of faculty, students, and colleagues of The Florida State University College of Communication & Information are presenting research at the upcoming 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T ), Nov. 6–9, Vancouver, BC.

Dr. Corinne Jörgensen , director and chair of the School of Library & Information Studies (SLIS ) at the College, served on the conference committee for the event, entitled “Thriving on Diversity—Information Opportunities in a Pluralistic World.” She and SLIS faculty member Dr. Besiki Stvilia , will present research entitled “Image Indexing and Retrieval: Current Projects and a Comprehensive Research Agenda for the Future.” SLIS faculty, students, and colleagues are presenting research posters during the annual meeting:

  1. “Patient, Heal Thyself! Advocating for Accessible Healthcare Websites,
    John Brobst (FSU)
  2. “PatientsLikeMe: ALS Patients Sharing Experiences and Personal Health Information Online,” Mia Liza Lustria , Gary Burnett , Juliann Cortese , Michelle Kazmer , Ji-Hyun Kim and Jinxuan Ma (all FSU) and Jeana Frost (PatientsLikeMe.com)
  3. “Ready4Changes.com: Preliminary Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial of a Web-based Tailored Approach for Educating Teens about Human Sexuality,” Mia Liza Lustria, Juliann Cortese, Casey McLaughlin, Sarah Redmond, Rachel Davis and Ivee Rosario (all FSU)
  4. “Challenge for Libraries as Information Managers: Hurricane Preparedness and Response,” John Brobst and Lauren H. Mandel (both FSU)
  5. “Attributing and Defining Meaning to the Built Environment: The Semiotics of Wayfinding,” Lauren H. Mandel (FSU)
  6. “Measuring effects of web-based, tailored health interventions programs for nutrition and physical activity on clinical outcomes: A systemic review,” Jung A Lee and Mia Liza Lustria (both FSU)
  7. “Discerning quality health information on the Web from the perspective of consumers: insights from Korean consumers in the U.S.,” Yong-Jeong Yi, Lorri Mon and Besiki Stvilia (all FSU)
  8. “PatientsLikeMe: Social Norms and Information Values in an Online Health Support Group,” Gary Burnett, Mia Liza Lustria, Juliann Cortese, Michelle Kazmer, Ji-Hyun Kim and Jinxuan Ma (all FSU) and Jeana Frost (PatientsLikeMe.com)
  9. “Adolescents' Information Behavior when Isolated from Peer Groups: Lessons from New Immigrant Adolescents' Everyday Life Information Seeking,” Joung Hwa Koo and Melissa Gross (both FSU)
  10. 10. “Modeling and Assessing Radical Change Youth Information Behavior in the Digital Age: A Pilot Study,” Kyungwon Koh (FSU) and Eliza Dresang (University of Washington)
  11. “Information Source Selection and Competence of Ethnic Minority Cancer Patients on the Web: Analysis of the National Cancer Institute’s Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS) 2007,” Kyunghye Kim (FSU) and Nahyun Kwon (University of South Florida)

SLIS Alumna Dangzhi Zhao (Ph.D., 2003), an associate professor at the University of Alberta, is presenting research entitled, “Author Name Disambiguation for Collaboration Network Analysis and Visualization.”