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The combined bachelors/masters degree programs listed below provide academically talented students an opportunity to complete a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in a shorter time span. These programs allow students to double-count graduate courses for both degrees, thus reducing the time it would normally take. 

Qualified students interested in a combined degree program outside their undergraduate major or department should contact an adviser in that department. FSU students normally apply to participate in a combined degree program in their junior or senior year, but may apply as early as the second semester of their sophomore year.

Students should contact the respective department/unit for more information regarding admissions and general combined degree program requirements.

Developing a Combined Degree Program?

Faculty interested in developing a new Bachelor's/Master's Combined Degree Program should download the proposal packet by visiting the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement website


Name of Combined Program

Applied Studies BS/MS- Corporate & Public Communication
Arts & Sciences

BS/MS- Biology (non-thesis)
BS/MS- Computer Science 
BA/ MS- Computer Science/ Computer Criminology
BS/MS- Computer Criminology
BA/ MA or BS/MS- Mathematics 
BA/MA- Philosophy 
BS/MST- Science Teaching 
BS/MS- Statistics (5 yrs)  

Business BS/MAcc- Accounting
BS/MSF- Real Estate and Finance
Communication & Information BS/MS- Communication (IMC or Media/Comm Studies) 
BS/MS- Information Technology
Criminology & Criminal Justice BS/MS- Criminology & Criminal Justice

BS/MS- Elementary Education
BS/MS- English Education
BS/MS- Exceptional Student Education/ Special Education Teaching
BS/MS- Social Science Teaching
BS/MS- Visual Disabilities Education

Engineering BS/MS- Chemical Engineering (5 yrs)
BS-ChE/ MS- BME- Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (5 yrs) 
BS/MS- Electrical Engineering (5 yrs) 
BS/MS- Industrial Engineering (5 yrs)
BS/MS- Mechanical Engineering (5 yrs)
Fine Arts BA/MS- Art/Art Education (5 yrs)
MA/PhD- Art History
BS/MS- Interior Architecture and Design (Project, Thesis, & MFA tracks)
BA/MA- Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies (5 yrs)
BFA/MA- School of Dance (5 yrs)
Human Sciences BS/MS- Exercise Physiology (5 yrs) 
Social Sciences & Public Policy BA or BS/MS- Applied American Politics
BA or BS/MS- Demography 
BA or BS/MPA- Public Administration 
BA or BS/MPH- Public Health 
BA or BS/MSP- Urban & Regional Planning


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