Fellowship Information for Previous Academic Years No Longer Being Offered

University and Presidential Fellowships

This was a University-wide competition, open to new and continuing Ph.D. students. The University Fellowship provided a stipend of $19,000 to each student plus a tuition waiver of up to twelve hours for the Fall and Spring terms.

Some University Fellowships were designated Presidential University Fellowships and were awarded to graduate students who were newly admitted to a Ph.D. program or a Ph.D. track. These awards were multi-year and provided a stipend of $24,000 for the first and fourth year, plus a tuition waiver of up to twelve hours for the Fall and Spring terms, funded by the Graduate School. The second and third year stipends and tuition waivers were funded by the department at award levels determined by the sponsoring department.

Both the Presidential and University Fellowships carried a health insurance which fully covered the purchase of the University-sponsored student single coverage health insurance plan.

College Teaching Fellowships

This fellowship was awarded annually by the University to new graduate students. While these awards were administered by The Graduate School, the Fellows were selected through competitions held by each college. The base stipend was $6,300, though some colleges and departments supplemented this award. Fellows also received a $400 subsidy towards the purchase of the University sponsored health insurance plan.

To be eligible for the College Teaching Fellowship, the student must of scored at least an 1150 on the GRE (or its equivalent on another appropriate measure); maintained at least a 3.2 GPA during the course of undergraduate studies; maintained at least a 3.5 GPA during the course of any previous graduate level studies (previous graduate level studies not required for consideration under these fellowships); and have been strongly recommended by former professors.

The duties assigned each Fellow were decided by the nominating college or department. Depending on the level of duty, nine to twelve hours of graduate tuition will be awarded by the department or college.

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