Fellows Society Adelaide Wilson Fellowships

The Fellows Society Adelaide Wilson Fellowship is Florida State Universitys most generous and prestigious university-wide graduate fellowship designed to attract highly competitive Ph.D., J.D., D.N.P., and M.F.A. students. Ideal candidates will demonstrate academic merit, leadership, broad intellectual curiosity, and an interest in interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving. This is a 5 year award for PhD students and a 3 year award for J.D., D.N.P, and MFA students. Please find the members listed below by name, department and college.


Jamie Fox Mathematics Arts & Sciences
Rachel Mathes Art Fine Arts


Jolie Breaux Industrial Engineering Engineering
Brett Castellanos Philosophy Arts & Sciences
Melanie Hom Psychology Arts & Sciences


Andrew Moffatt Philosophy Arts & Sciences
Jamie Schindewolf Urban Regional Planning Social Sciences & Public Policy
Lesley Wolff Art History Fine Arts


Rachel Shields Sport Management Education
Godwin Thiruchelvam Public Administration & Policy Social Sciences & Public Policy
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