Graduate Student Housing

With over 8,000 graduate students at Florida State University, there is no single housing solution for all students. You may want an easy commute from nearby apartments or condos or live further away, with housing appropriate for families. On campus, several halls accept single graduate students. You can begin your search before arriving in Tallahassee by contacting your academic department/program for suggestions. If you have children, you may want to consider housing near childcare facilities and/or schools. Other graduate students in your program may also be able to provide helpful advice. You also can link to housing options provided by the Center of Global Engagement (includes apartments recommended by international students). Another helpful site is the Florida State University Off-Campus Housing Service . Please note that FSU does not endorse or recommend any off-campus housing options. You should carefully consider and research all options before making the housing decisions that best fits your individual needs.

If you plan to drive to and park on campus, you will need a parking permit (included as part of your tuition).

The Seminole Express Bus Service provides transportation on campus and to the surrounding areas for faculty, staff, students and visitors, free-of-charge. This includes serving the FSU/FAMU College of Engineering and off-campus apartment complexes on the west side of Tallahassee.

All Seminole Express and StarMetro buses are equipped with bike racks so you can take your bicycle with you wherever you go. Bike racks are also available outside of almost every building on campus.

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