Professional Development

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The Graduate School’s Professional Development efforts (e.g., workshops, certificate programs, faculty shadowing program, scholarly integrity course) are designed to enhance the academic training of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars within the competencies of Communication, Teaching, Scholarly Development (advanced knowledge and skills in the field), Professionalism (leadership, scholarly integrity, transferable skills), and Career Development. We promote professional development so that when graduate students and postdoctoral scholars enter their careers--whether in academia, the private sector, government, or non-profit organizations—they are prepared and confident.

Professional Development Workshops

Working closely with outstanding research faculty, administrators and staff, The Graduate School offers a wide range of workshops designed to equip students to achieve their educational and career goals.

The Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards offers interactive and informational workshops throughout the year. These workshops aim to introduce students to and engage students in the process of applying for prestigious fellowships and awards. Workshops and info sessions are hosted by OGFA staff, FSU faculty and staff, and representatives from award funding agencies. To learn more about OGFA workshops, visit

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Setting goals can help graduate students and postdoctoral scholars become more intentional about their educational experiences. The best goals are defined, measurable and attainable. The Graduate School encourages graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to develop personal plans—an Individual Development Plan (IDP)--to improve their core competencies (communication, teaching, scholarly development, professionalism, and career development).

International Teaching Assistants (ITAs)

The ITA program certifies the spoken English proficiency level of prospective TAs by administering the SPEAK test (an oral proficiency assessment) and reporting scores to departments. The program also offers several credit-bearing courses for TAs whose SPEAK score indicates the need for further language practice, as well as for graduate students who wish for additional English language development.

Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE)

The Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE), a unit of The Graduate School, strives to enrich the learning experience for undergraduate students at FSU by supporting the teaching efforts of graduate student teaching assistants through its various services. PIE offers professional development programs that create opportunities to foster a sense of collaboration and community among all graduate student teaching assistants at FSU.

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