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The GradShare service is a community of graduate students seeking a better experience in graduate school and beyond through the sharing of questions, answers, and links. If you're a graduate student, a librarian who serves graduate students, or a graduate program administrator, GradShare is a community forum for you.

For Students

Graduate school presents you with many challenges, but you don't have to go through them alone. In addition to your campus peers and advisors, GradShare allows you to learn from fellow grads across the US & Canada.

Pick your Subject Area and start exploring the questions that your peers have already asked. GradShare offers help on diverse topics like teaching techniques, finding jobs, and finding the right balance between school and social life.

Ask Questions

This is your chance to ask the questions you weren't comfortable asking during orientation. 

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Advisors Too Busy?

GradShare is always available, so browse our topics to see what questions have already been asked.

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Explore Expert Advice

Brief descriptions are provided on how to overcome typical grad school challenges.

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