Subsidy Benefit

Table of Contents

  1. Health Insurance Subsidy Benefit for Graduate Assistants and Fellows
  2. Health Insurance Requirement
  3. Eligibility
  4. Annual Subsidy Amounts
  5. Subsidy timeline
  6. The Process
  7. What Every Student Needs to Know
  8. Fellowship and Assistantship Information
  9. Enrollment and Contact Information

Health Insurance Subsidy Benefit for Graduate Assistants

The Health Insurance Subsidy Benefit is a subsidy that is provided to eligible students that applies towards the cost of their University purchased health insurance plan.

  • When a student is determined to be eligible the university will provide a subsidy benefit amount dictated by the student’s FTE. This is the “Employer Portion,” and will be applied to the total amount owed for the policy. The remaining amount which is the “Employee’s Portion,” will be automatically deducted from the employee’s paycheck. Both the “Employer Portion” and “Employee Portion” must be contributed/deducted from the same five paychecks in order to qualify as a pre-tax benefit.

Health Insurance Requirement

Every full-time Florida State University student must show proof of comparable health insurance prior to registration once each year. As a requirement for the Health Insurance Subsidy, insurance must be purchased through University Health Services.

  • Note: If you already have state health insurance through a previous employer, please contact your department's HR representative to determine which insurance option is best for you. 


  1. Student must sign up for the eligible insurance plan from University Health Services.
  2. Student must be enrolled for at least 9 hours during semester.
  3. Student must have an appointment from the first day of classes to the last day of exams.
  4. Student must have a minimum .25 FTE appointment.
  5. Student must have a qualifying graduate assistant appointment code.  

Annual Subsidy Amounts for 2015-2016

  • 10-19 hours per week (.25-.49 FTE status) = $1012
  • 20+ hours per week (.5 or higher FTE status) = $1662
  • Fall .5/ Spring.25 FTE = $831 Fall/ $300 Spring
  • Fall .25/ Spring . 5 FTE = $506 Fall/ $625 Spring

Timeline for Students Receiving the Subsidy Benefit

The Process

  1. After signing up for your policy, you will be sent your policy documents.
  2. The charge appears on your “Accounts Receivable” in Student Business Services.
  3. If you are eligible and elect to receive the subsidy benefit, do not pay for your policy. If you have already paid for it, it will be refunded to you through Student Business Services.
  4. The subsidy benefit is given in five paychecks. The Employer Portion becomes the part the Graduate School pays; the Employee Portion is the portion that you pay.

*Department Note: Graduate Assistants appointed to E&G funding will have the employer portion absorbed by the Graduate School. Graduate Assistants appointed to C&G, Local, and Auxiliary projects will have the employer portion charged to the project.

What Every Student Needs To Know

  • Sign up for the University insurance policy.
  • If eligible, look for an email to your student email account to make your election. (See timeline above for more details)
  • Do not disregard the benefit enrollment email; you must make a benefit election to receive the subsidy benefit by the deadline listed in the email.
  • Select “yes.” (There really is no reason to select no- unless you are an international student and your respective government is covering all costs.)
  • No exceptions.

Students on the following fellowships/assistantships will receive the higher subsidy benefit amount (equivalent to .5 FTE status)

  1. McKnight Fellowship
  2. Gubernatorial Fellowship
  3. Wilson-Auzenne Assistantship
  4. FAMU Feeder Fellowship
  • Students with non-duty fellowships will receive subsidy benefit by way of salary supplements rather than payroll deductions.

Enrollment and Contact Information

  • For information on cost, coverage, how and when to enroll for the university sponsored health insurance visit the University and Health Services website at  or call 644-6230.
  • For information about the health insurance subsidy benefit for graduate assistants and fellowship holders contact The Graduate School at 644-3501. 
  • For refund or general student account information, please contact Student Business Services at 644-9452.