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Degree Programs

Florida State University offers an extensive range of graduate and professional programs. Graduate education at FSU includes 105 master’s degrees, 14 specialist degrees and 68 doctoral degrees. Professional degrees are also offered in Law and Medicine.

In addition, a variety of opportunities are available for students interested in advanced degrees including interdisciplinary degree programs, joint degrees, dual degrees, graduate certificates, and combined bachelors/masters degree programs.

Florida State University also offers several online academic degree programs. For more information about FSU's online degree programs, email

Master's Degree Programs

Florida State University offers 105 master's degree programs.

Specialist Degree Programs

Florida State University offers 14 specialist degree programs.

Doctoral Degree Programs

Florida State University offers 68 doctoral degree programs.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Degree Programs

Florida State University offers 17 interdisciplinary graduate degree programs.

Professional Degrees

Florida State University offers professional degrees in Law, Medicine, Business Administration, Social Work, and Nursing. In addition to these traditional professional degrees, FSU also offers the Professional Science Master's in Computational Science and the Professional Master's Applied American Politics and Policy.

Joint Degree Programs

Joint degree programs provide students the opportunity to earn graduate degrees from two academic programs concurrently.

Dual Degree Programs

Dual degree programs are those in which two degrees are earned simultaneously when a student is accepted by both departments/programs and is approved by the appropriate deans.

Combined Bachelors/Masters Degree Programs

Combined bachelors/masters degree programs provide academically talented students an opportunity to complete a bachelors and a masters degree in a shorter time span.

Online Academic Degree Programs

Florida State University offers several online academic degree programs as alternative access for students who otherwise would not be able to further their education and advance their careers.

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