3MT 2023 Winners and Finalists

Congratulate the 2023 Three Minute Thesis Winners!

1st Place: Hyosoon Yim

Sport Management
Promoting Sport Participation among Older Adults: Application of the Socioemotional Selectivity Theory

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2nd Place: Tania Sultana

Biomedical Sciences
ZIKV NS3 Drives Assembly of a Viroplasm-Like Structure (VLS)

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3rd Place: Meng Tian

The Stereotypes of Female eSports Players

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People's Choice: John Akintola

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Tackling Global Warming from the "Surface"

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2023 3MT Competition Finalists!

Sima Sabbagh

Unmasking the Architects of the Brain: Marvelous FMRP

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Cui Jing

Art Education
Art May Facilitate Community Building to Alleviate Chinese International Students' Alienation

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Andre Juliao

Condensed Matter Experimental Physics
Nb3Sn for Axion Detection

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Hemant Goswami

Molecular Biophysics
Development of an Ultrasensitive and Rapid Virus Detection Method Based on CRISPR-Cas Enzyme

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Toshiaki Kanai

Quantum Computer on Solid Neon 

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Qiushan Liu

Developmental Psychology
Investigating Strategy Flexibility in Algebra

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