Graduate Student Forms

Academic Forms Dual Enrollment Request Form (updated 6-1-22)
Exception Request Form (updated 10-6-21)
Extension of Time (EOT) Request Form (updated 5-2-23)
Leave of Absence Forms Leave of Absence Registration Form/Checklist (updated 3-29-17)
Leave of Absence Extension Request Form (updated 3-29-17)
Waiver/Financial Forms Non-Home Unit Waiver Receipt
Waiver Receipt
Tuition Waiver Underload Request

Please use DocuSign to complete and obtain signatures for this form:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your FSU ID and password
  3. Click on the "Start" dropdown menu and select "Use a Template"
  4. Within the Shared Folders section select "The Graduate School" 
  5. Select "Tuition Waiver Underload Request"
  6. Click "Add Selected" to start the process
Graduate Supervisory Committee Form Graduate Supervisory Committee Formation or Revision Form
Manuscript Clearance Forms ETD Alternative Language for the Dissertation/Treatise/Thesis Form
Web-Based Forms:  Click here for the Manuscript Clearance Portal! 
Individual Development plan (IDP) Forms Individual Development Plan
Matrix of Professional Development Opportunities, Competencies, & Stages

Faculty/Staff Forms

Financial Forms Direct Deposit Authorization
Payment Request
Vendor Authentication
Graduate Status Applications

Faculty Status Form (GFS and GTS) *For Colleges with Departments (updated 1-19-24)
Faculty Status Form (GFS and GTS) *For Colleges without Departments (updated 1-19-24)
Directive Status (CDDS/CMDS)  (updated 6-24-14)
Exception Request for Grad Student to Teach a Grad Course (updated 10-5-21)
*CV's must be attached to all graduate status applications. 

Graduate Student Tracking (GST) Application GST Security Form (updated 2-19-24)
Legacy Sort
Legacy Priority