Graduate Certificate Programs

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Graduate Certificate Programs

The graduate certificate programs, ranging from 12 to 21 credit hours, are designed to allow students to take courses in an area of specialization, enhancing their academic and professional experience. Students may work towards a graduate certificate in addition to pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree or students may enroll in stand-alone graduate certificate programs for the purpose of personal and professional development. In some programs, certificate program course credit can be applied toward a graduate degree. College credit certificates are not intended as a degree, but as a supplement to a student's specific educational goals or professional career preparation and shall be noted on a student's transcript as an official credential of the university.

All graduate students pursuing a graduate-level certificate must achieve a cumulative 3.0 (B) or higher GPA across all graduate certificate courses in order for the graduate certificate to be awarded.

Students should contact the respective department/unit for more information regarding admissions and general graduate certificate program requirements.

In the event that the student completes a degree program prior to completing the requirements for the certificate, the student would be required to be readmitted as a degree seeking or non-degree seeking student to complete the certificate program.

Note: Students completing an undergraduate degree may not enter a graduate certificate program unless they are admitted as a degree-seeking graduate student or post-baccalaureate non-degree student. Undergraduate students cannot start taking graduate courses for the graduate certificate until the bachelor’s degree is awarded.

*DS= Available to Degree Seeking Students

*NDS= Available to Non-Degree Seeking Students

Developing a Certificate Program?

Faculty interested in developing a new graduate certificate program should download a Graduate Certificate Proposal Packet by visiting the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement Website.

*Units need to follow the program of studies that was approved in the certificate proposal. Please refer to the matrix that was included in the original proposal paperwork which illustrates the specific required and elective courses that can be counted towards the graduate certificate. Keep in mind, an undergraduate certificate shall not require the completion of graduate courses. For more information on this, please review the Certificate Policy


Name of Certificate

Applied Studies Law Enforcement Intelligence (DS & NDS)
Underwater Crime Scene Investigation (UCSI)  (DS & NDS)
Arts & Sciences Certificate in Bioethics (DS & NDS)
SAS Programming & Data Analysis  (DS & NDS)
Communication & Information

Communication Science & Disorders Prerequisite (Bridge) Program  (NDS)
Digital Video Production  (DS & NDS)
Health Informatics (DS & NDS) 
Information Architecture  (DS & NDS)
Information Leadership & Management  (DS & NDS)
User Services  (DS & NDS)
School Librarian Leadership (DS & NDS)
Multicultural Marketing Communication  (DS & NDS)
Project Management  (DS & NDS)
Youth Services  (DS & NDS)

Education, Health, and Human Sciences

Athletic Coaching  (DS & NDS)
Autism Spectrum Disorder (DS & NDS)
College Teaching (DS & NDS)
Early Childhood Special Education (DS &NDS) 
Human Performance Technology (HPT)  (DS & NDS)
Instructional Design and Technology  (DS & NDS)
Institutional Research  (DS & NDS)
Measurement & Statistics  (DS & NDS)
Online Teaching and Learning (DS & NDS)
Program Evaluation  (DS & NDS)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (DS & NDS)

Engineering Aerospace Engineering- Aerodynamics (DS & NDS)
Engineering Data Analytics (DS & NDS)
Systems Engineering Leadership (DS & NDS)
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship (DS & NDS)
Fine Arts Museum Education & Visitor- Centered Curation (DS & NDS)
Graduate School Preparing Future Faculty (DS & NDS)
Law Business Law (DS)
Environmental, Natural Resources & Land Use Law  (DS)
International Law  (DS)
Music Piano Performance (DS & NDS) Start Spring 2023
Nursing Adult Gerontological Acute Care  (DS & NDS)
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (DS & NDS)
Social Sciences & Public Policy Application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (DS & NDS)
Civic and Nonprofit Leadership (DS& NDS)
Emergency Management  (DS & NDS)
Florida City & County Management  (DS & NDS)
Public Administration  (DS & NDS)
Public Financial Management  (DS & NDS)
U.S. National Intelligence Studies (DS & NDS)
Social Work Child Welfare Practice  (DS & NDS)
Gerontology/Aging Studies  (DS & NDS)
LEAD in Social Work  (DS & NDS)
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