Creating a Video for GradWorld FSU

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Be a Part of the Global Initiative

The Graduate School, with assistance from University Communications, has developed a brand new interactive mapping website/video archive for all FSU degree-seeking or professional graduate students, alumni, postdoctoral scholars and even faculty called GradWorld FSU.

GradWorld FSU is a revolutionary new website which displays a variety of personalized videos from a number of departments/colleges on campus for the purpose of showcasing graduate education and achievements at FSU. This is an extraordinary opportunity for everyone around the world to see your passion, interests, research goals and learn more about our wonderful university. As you know, graduate school changes lives and the world for the better! Once others see you talking with such enthusiasm and excitement about all of the amazing things you are doing, they too will want to join in on the fun and become part of this great scholarly community known as "Family FSU", or if they are employers, maybe even offer you a job!

GradWorld FSU serves not only as a spectacular venue to reflect on your wonderful accomplishments, but hopefully, will also inspire new graduate students and faculty to create their own videos too. Our aim is to not only highlight our brilliant students and faculty but also to attract potential graduate students from the USA and the rest of the world to apply to FSU and join this great scholarly community! 

What Are The Benefits To This Professional Development Opportunity?

In today's competitive job market, crafting a short, 3-8 minute video could be the deciding factor that helps you shine and land your dream job! It's true, not only do video productions unlock your creative-side, but they also show employers that you are a determined, motivated, and highly engaged individual who wants to make a difference. This professional development opportunity provides you with an exceptional chance to showcase your personality, research, skills, and passion that will inevitably cement a memory that you will be able to share with your family and friends. Our hope is that during your time at FSU you create an initial "Phase I" Questionnaire Video (see details below), which can be done using your own smartphone/digital camera or laptop webcam and then perhaps later, a more detailed "Phase II" GEOSET Research Presentation Video. Just imagine their proud smiling faces beaming back at you! And don't forget, this is something you can also highlight in your professional portfolio or on your social media accounts (i.e., LinkedIn). 

Phase I- Questionnaire Video

Self-Filming Video Recording Option

*If you speak a language in addition to English, we strongly encourage you to complete and submit two versions of your video; one version in English and a duplicate version in your native or secondary language. This allows everyone in the world to enjoy your video, including those who may not be fluent in English.

Phase I- Questionnaire Video:

*Tutorial videos and guides on how to create and edit a questionnaire video can be found by clicking here!

*3-8 Minutes in Total Length Per Video (one minute per question is suggested)
*Recorded on Smartphone, ScreenPal, Video Camera or other filming device.
*Please answer the Following Questions In the Specified Order 

Note: It may be easier for you to record in individual takes, but it is strongly encouraged that the full video be submitted as one complete MP4 file. Submission instructions are detailed in the left-hand navigation above.

Questions for current graduate students and postdoctoral scholars:

  1. Tell us a little about yourself: Where are you from (state, city, country), do you have any hobbies outside of your study area?
  2. What are you most passionate about and how does your research intersect with your passion?
  3. In non-technical terms, please explain what is the main theme and goal of your research?
  4. What prompted you to decide to come to FSU for your graduate studies?
  5. Who has been influential to your success at FSU?
  6. How has pursuing a graduate degree helped to shape your future endeavors?
  7. What have you enjoyed the most about FSU?
  8. What advice would you give to those who are thinking about pursuing a graduate degree?

Questions for alumni:

  1. Tell us a little about yourself: Where are you from (state, city, country) and what degree you hold from FSU?
  2. What is your current employment position and how did your career path after FSU lead to this point?
  3. What are you most passionate about and how does your position intersect with your passion?
  4. In non-technical terms, please explain what was the main theme and goal of your research at FSU?
  5. What prompted you to decide to go to FSU for your graduate studies?
  6. Who was most influential to your success at FSU?
  7. How did pursuing a graduate degree help to shape your future endeavors?
  8. What did you enjoy the most about FSU?
  9. What advice would you give to those who are thinking about pursuing a graduate degree?

Questionnaire Video Examples

*Below are just a few selected examples of some questionnaire videos. Lots more are on the way! 

Amanda Jean-Mary
Motion Picture Arts

Pamela Knoll

Jerad Yates
Instructional Systems

Jiabei Xu
Instructional Systems


Corinne Kelley

Muhamad Wibowo


Dowon Choi
Educational Psychology


Jennifer Batchelder
Higher Education

Phase II- GEOSET Research Presentation Video

Production-Assisted Video Recording Option

Phase II- GEOSET Research Presentation Video:

*Tutorial videos and guides on how to create your own Research Presentation Video can be found by clicking here

Broadcast your inspiration by filling out a GEOSET project request form to meet with a member of their video production team (housed in the Dirac Science Library). The GEOSET offers studio space and professional media production services to help you produce video presentations of your research, interests and work at FSU.

GEOSET Research Presentation Video Examples

*Below are just a few selected examples of some GEOSET Research Presentation Videos. Lots more are on the way!


Alyssa Rose


Jessica Martinez
Biological Sciences


Jingcheng Fu


William Neary


A variety of filming recommendations and helpful tips, as well as great video examples can be found here!



Looking for tutorials and assistance on how to use your webcam, edit in Adobe Premier Pro or iMovie? Well look no further! Click below. 


Ready to submit? Click the link below and follow the step-by-step process. *Be sure to complete the Qualtric's Form as this is needed for your profile on the site!



Need help recording or editing your video? If so, please email us at by clicking on the link below and an associate will assist you! 



Meet with a GEOSET Studios videographer in the Dirac Library by filling out the project form below who will record/edit a creative and professionally-made video for you.



Feel free to reserve Media Room 111 at the Innovation Hub to use their video recording and editing equipment.