Bridget Close - Fellows Society

Bridget  Close


HOMETOWN: Pocatello, Idaho

MFA in Dance and Choreography

Adelaide Wilson Fellowship

MA in Theatre and BS in Acting from Idaho State University


My interests lie in the study of the performative nature of human emotion and its sedimentation into a body knowledge that shapes an identity of self and the social actor. Investigating how to expand the boundaries of personal perception to communal understanding I imagine new realms of reality where all kinds of questions and situations are explored, deconstructed, rebuilt and hopefully understood in a different way. I am currently researching solo performance and what it means to perform the self, further deconstructing concealment and revelation, masking and unmasking, nature and demeanor.


It is a gift to be a part of the Fellows Society. I have loved all the opportunities to connect with others and hear about what they are investing time in researching.  The Fellows Forum held every spring is wonderfully unique. Multiple professionals in different fields come together to talk about how their area of expertise relates to the theme picked out by the Fellows. Last year the theme was Empowerment through Community Engagement and it was inspiring. I look forward to this years Fellows Forum.

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