LaToya Leary - Fellows Society

LaToya Leary


Miami, FL

PhD Religion

McKnight Doctoral Fellowship

2006, AA   General, Miami-Dade College

2009, BS  Chemistry/Mathematics, St. Thomas University

2016, MTS Theological Studies (Old Testament), Columbia Theological Seminary 

I am interested in teaching courses related to the interpretation and context of biblical texts, languages (biblical Hebrew/ koine Greek), and courses that discuss the intersection between religion and social classifications/conditions (gender and religion, race and religion, sexuality and religion, religion and disabled bodies, etc.). My research thus far has focused on the intersection of gender and religion. More specifically, I have been investigating biblical and extra-biblical perspectives of masculinity and femininity.

The Fellows Society has introduced me to a much larger group of faculty and peers who are willing to share their research interests and methodologies. In the future, I hope to take advantage of the many opportunities the Fellows Society offers to meet new people and to better my ability to present my research.

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