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Margaret Scheiner



PhD in Industrial Engineering

P.E.O. Scholar Award

Love of Learning Award (Phi Kappa Phi)

Amelia Earhart Fellowship (Zonta International)

E. Wayne Kay Graduate Scholarship (SME Educational Foundation)

B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

My research interests concern advanced materials. I am developing an integrated structural health monitoring and self-healing for polymer composite materials. Predicting failure in these materials is more difficult than predicting failure of more traditional materials like steel. Composites may also suffer extreme internal damage, but show little, if any, external indication that damage has occurred. To address these issues, I am creating a composite which reports when and where damage has occurred and automatically heals the damage.

Damage notification is achieved with triboluminescent (TL) crystals which emit light when mechanically stressed. Photodetectors translate the TL light into an electrical signal. Healing is achieved by a capillary network containing liquid healing material. When damage occurs, the capillaries release healing material into the damaged area.

My teaching interests include mechanics of materials, engineering management, and quality engineering.

I attended the 2017 Lindau Meeting, and it was awesome. I actually applied a day late to the University, but made it through the three phases of the application process anyway! So, don't hesitate to apply to something if you're a little late - it might work out

The Fellows Society offers a ton of great networking, social, and professional development opportunities. I'm very thankful to be a part of such a great organization!

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