Master's in Four (M4) Competition

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Competition Details and Deadlines

The Graduate School is pleased to announce a new competition for spring 2019! Master’s students who have earned 18 hours of graduate coursework toward the degree may compete in the Master’s in 4 Competition in which they will have four minutes, and four slides, to explain their research to a general audience.

The M4 Preliminary Rounds began on February 25th, and the M4 Finals were held April 4th at 4 PM in the Student Life Building Auditorium.

Awards were $1,000 for the first place winner, $750 for the second place winner and $500 for the People’s Choice (selected by the audience).

Competition Rules

  • A master's student with at least 18 hours of graduate coursework earned toward the degree
  • Four minute time limit
  • A maximum of four slides that have no animation, embedded video, audio, or movement of any kind
  • A solo, non-technical oral description of the student's research or creative endeavors
  • No props or costumes will be allowed
  • A clicker will be provided

Spring 2019 Master's in Four (MI4) Competition Winners

* To watch and/or download the Master's in Four competition videos, please click here! 

1st Place- Jason Cassel, Music, Piano Technology
2nd Place- James Hernandez, Education, Educational Psychology and Learning Systems
2nd Place- Steven Pope, Arts and Sciences, History
3rd Place- Stacy Hanson, Arts and Sciences, Modern Languages and Linguistics
People's Choice: Karl Wissemann, Arts and Sciences, Psychology

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