Sean Dougherty - Fellows Society

Sean Dougherty


HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh

PhD in Clinical Psychology

Legacy Fellowship

BA, summa cum laude, with honors in psychology, Wake Forest University

Research Goals: The understanding and prevention of suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

I'm happy to have been accepted into FSU's clinical psychology program and Dr. Joiner's lab. Now I hope to make a meaningful impact on the field.

Being in FSU's Fellows Society has given me the opportunity to talk with brilliant people from different fields who I otherwise might never have encountered. The next great breakthrough in one field might come from an idea rooted in another field, and the importance of encouraging dialogue among individuals with different perspectives, I think, cannot be understated. I am grateful to the Fellows Society for exposing me to ideas from people in fields such as medicine, sociology, statistics, history, and philosophy, which have made me a better thinker and more well-rounded student.