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The Manuscript Clearance process has undergone exciting changes. We are pleased to announce that all paper forms have been eliminated from this process! With this Portal, signatures can be provided on forms by faculty members on any computer or mobile device from anywhere they may be located. Students and graduate coordinators can track their progress at any point in time by logging in. The system automatically sends notification emails with weekly reminders when there is a form to be completed.

New website information and support documents are being continually added and revised.

Please review one or more of the following Manuscript Clearance Portal presentations for instructions on using this new website:

Manuscript Clearance Portal Online Forms Summary

Form Name

When Can the Form Be Submitted?

Who Will Submit the Form?

Who Must Approve the Form?

Defense Announcement As soon as the defense is scheduled (but no later than 2 weeks before the defense) Student n/a
Manuscript Access Agreement Prior to the final deadline: Semester or 60-Day (but recommended before the defense) Student Committee chair  (Plus Manuscript Clearance Advisor & Grad. School Dean for embargoes)
Manuscript Signature Page After the defense (but prior to the final deadline: Semester or 60-Day) All committee members n/a
Univ. Representative Doctoral Defense Report (Doctoral only) Within 7 days after the defense (but no later than the final deadline: Semester or 60-Day) University Representative The Graduate School Dean
Final Content Approval After all prior forms are complete & approved (by the final deadline: Semester or 60-Day) Committee chair n/a
Official Final Manuscript Clearance After all forms are complete & final manuscript formatting is approved (by the last day of the semester or no more than a week after the 60-Day Deadline) Manuscript Clearance Advisor n/a

If you have any questions about the MC Portal or need assistance, please contact the Manuscript Clearance Office at or 850-644-3502.