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Welcome to Florida State University!

Please review the following enrollment information to prepare for your graduate program.

Enroll Intent Form

Have you completed your enroll intent form? Find it on your application status page to confirm whether you will be attending.

"Do Not Forget!"

Is Your Information Accurate? 

Please be sure that all of the information on your application was entered accurately as your academic records are established from the admissions application. Use the drop-downs below to learn how to change any required information on your application. 

To Do's:


You will receive an email from FSU containing your FSUID. Your FSUID is your unique user name for access to campus systems and resources, including myFSU portal, Canvas, OMNI, campus Wi-Fi, and more. The email will also contain a unique, nine-digit EMPLID required to activate your FSUID account. To activate your FSUID account, view our FSUID How-To Guide.

Get your FSU card

(On-Campus Only)

The FSUCard is your official FSU ID and provides access to libraries, residence halls, bus services on campus and on-campus laundry. Visit FSUCard Services for more information on how to obtain your card and services associated with the FSUCard.

Register for classes

You must meet with your program advisor prior to registering for classes. For course registration information, please visit the University Registrar's website. Course information is obtained and registration is performed online through myFSU Portal. You will also use this site to obtain your class schedule, check your grades, print an unofficial transcript, and update your records.

Registration Holds

The University may place a hold on your account which can block registration for a future term or have other service impacts. These holds represent notes or actions related to your student profile that need to be resolved. For more information on how to resolve registration holds, click here.

Attend Orientation

The Graduate Schools hosts a New Graduate Student Orientation each year before the fall semester.  Your academic program may also have a department-specific orientation. Check with your department to determine if you will need to attend a departmental orientation.


Graduate Student Handbook

This Handbook contains information that will be useful throughout your enrollment as a graduate student. Your academic program may also have a department-specific handbook that you should request from your departmental representative.

 Financial Information

Required Health Information

Healthcare Compliance 

As a new student, Florida law requires you to provide health history and immunization information to the Health Compliance Office before you can register for classes. You can find the required form at University Health Services.

Health Insurance Requirement

Florida State requires that all full-time students have health insurance. You must either enroll in the University-sponsored plan or provide proof of comparable health insurance coverage by submitting your insurance information online at University Health Services

Health Insurance Subsidy

We provide qualified graduate students with a health insurance subsidy toward the purchase of the University-sponsored health insurance plan. For more information about the subsidy and to see if you qualify, review the Subsidy Benefit Information page.

Health Compliance Holds

The myFSU Portal will indicate if your immunization records are complete and if you are in compliance with the health insurance requirement. If your portal indicates non-compliance, you may contact University Health Services via email or phone at 850.644.3608 for further assistance.

Alternate Campus Information

PC Students

Visit the FSU Panama City website for more information on enrollment


Online Students

Visit the Online Distance Learning website for more information on enrollment

University and Academic Calendars

Stay up-to-date 

Important dates, including the first and last day of the semester, University holidays, and examination schedules are listed on the University Calendar and Academic Calendar pages.