Gertrudes Velasquez - Fellows Society

Gertrudes Velasquez


San Ignacio, Belize

PhD in Measurement & Statistics

Legacy Fellowship

Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Education, University of Belize;

Master of Science degree in Measurement & Statistics, Florida State University

As a former high school and undergraduate mathematics teacher, I developed a keen interest in the development and diagnosis of learners’ problem-solving skills.  I have several research interests, but I am most interested in the application of cognitive diagnostic models (CDMs) and longitudinal data analysis in educational settings to analyze change.

I am currently working on a research project with the Achievement and Assessment Institute at the University of Kansas entitled "Application of Bayesian Networks to Propagate Information across Nodes within Learning Map Models'.  We seek to model the abilities of students with significant cognitive disabilities (SWSCD) in the areas of mathematics, English Language Arts (ELA), and science using a diagnostic modeling approach.

The meetings of the Fellows Society have provided me with great opportunities to network with colleagues and professionals from other academic programs at the University.  I appreciate the exposure to the diversity of ideas presented through the Fellows Forum and research luncheons.  At the same time, the support provided through my fellowship allows me to focus on my academic work and experiences.

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