Katelin Pearson - Fellows Society

Katelin Pearson


Portland, OR

M.S. Biological science

Legacy Fellowship

B.S. Biology, University of Portland

B.A. German studies, University of Portland

My research is focused on using biocollections data to answer evolutionary and ecological questions, especially those pertaining to plant phenology--the timing of life history events like flowering and fruiting. I am also interested in developing methods to improve biocollections data discovery and overcome limitations that arise from inherent collecting biases.

Thanks largely to my adviser's proactivity, I was able to attend several workshops on plant phenology early in my graduate career. Because of the connections I made at these workshops, I was able to co-author two formative papers on plant phenology using herbarium specimens.

I enjoy the interdisciplinary perspectives I hear when attending Fellows Society events. Spending long days in our own research bubbles can make us myopic, and I love the opportunity to broaden the scope of my thoughts.

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