Dual Degree Programs

The Way It Works

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Dual degrees are two degrees earned simultaneously when a student is accepted by both department/programs and is approved by the appropriate academic deans and the Dean of The Graduate School.

A student must be admitted to one academic program initially, and after the first semester, may apply and be accepted to the second degree program. There is no formal relationship between the two degree program requirements in a dual degree situation.

*To ensure that students entering a second graduate degree program receive timely and effective advisement on a program of study approved by the second department, admission to the second graduate degree program must be approved before the student completes more than twelve credit hours of coursework that are counted in that department toward the second graduate degree. In special circumstances, students may petition their academic deans for an exception. This limit of twelve credits earned only applies to students admitted to their first graduate degree program in the Fall 2014 semester and onwards.

Note: There is no formal relationship, overlap of credit hours, or sharing of credit hours between the two degree program requirements in a dual degree situation. This form needs to be submitted at the correct time to ensure timely and effective advisement, prior to the graduate student completing 12 credit hours in the second degree program and before the student has reached the final semester and applied for graduation so there are no delays in graduation clearance.

Steps to Take and Required Materials

If a student is pursuing two degrees at once, or has graduated with one degree and is now pursuing a second degree for which coursework overlaps with the first, he/she will need to submit a Dual Enrollment Request Form.

The Dual Enrollment Request Form must be signed by the student and endorsed by the major professor, department chair/unit head and/or academic dean's office, as appro­priate. The justification should explain why the pursuit of two degrees simultaneously is necessary and beneficial. The following materials should be attached to the Dual Enrollment Request Form:

  1. A copy of the student's transcript.
  2. A program of study from both programs showing the requirements needing to be met with an indication of coursework and other requirements already completed.
  3. A detailed timeline for completion of both degrees.

The completed form must be sent to the Dean of The Graduate School (or designee) for final approval. Once approved, the Office of the University Registrar will be notified of the dual registration. 

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