Templates & Formatting Assistance

Formatting Templates

Manuscript Clearance provides templates for both Word and LaTeX into which students can type their text directly and that are formatted according to FSU requirements. The main elements in the three templates are the same, but the layout of the Table of Contents is different. You can select a Table of Contents that lists only the main section headings (which is all The Graduate School requires) or one that also lists subheadings, either numbered or unnumbered. 

Please note that these templates are created with general formatting requirements. Specific items such as chapter titles, the number of chapters you include and the content of those chapters is not dictated by The Graduate School.

Word Templates for FSU's ETDs

Main Section Headings Only

Unnumbered Subheadings

Numbered Subheadings

PC Template
PC Template
PC Template
Mac Template
Mac Template
Mac Template

LaTeX Template for FSU's ETDs

This template is for use by students who prefer to use LaTeX for their manuscript. Manuscript Clearance staff are unable to assist with issues arising in LaTeX, but students are encouraged to review the User Guide and other materials in the Help section of the following website. 

Click here to visit the LaTeX ETD template website.

Formatting Assistance

Manuscript Clearance also provides a number of step-by-step instructions to assist students with common formatting issues. Please review the topics in the list below for assistance.

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